Are you worried about getting sick? We'll try to help. Answer some simple questions and know the probability of you actually getting sick with COVID-19.

Important notice

For reasons concerning the professional availability of its creators, Coronability is not being actively developed, updated or supported. Therefore, the tool's data and results are outdated.

We are a small group of data scientists directed by Óscar Fernando Gómez Sandoval, MSc. and Jairo Andrés Díaz Rodríguez, PhD. We are working to create simplified models that allow us to estimate the impact that current pandemic will have on the general population.

Coronability is a tool that will allow you to obtain risk estimates according to your particular situation. It is an informative statistical tool only, and is NOT a substitute for official information from authorities or medical doctors.

To create this tool, we have relied on public data from the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 Report, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia. We analyzed that data to obtain our estimates. Currently, we have data for most countries of the world plus the Colombian Departments; as we obtain more specific data, we will be able to improve our estimates and generate specific reports for regions of other countries.

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